Do you need an Oil Tank Replacement or Repair?

Is your tank showing signs of rust or corrosion? Have you ever seen leaks or spills near it? If so this may be the time to have a trained technician at Spadafore Oil and Energy do an in-home inspection on your Oil Tank.

Although your tank may appear to be holding up well, the integrity of the tank may be compromised due to years of holding. After a certain time period, these structures do begin to deteriorate and wear away from the inside. If not addressed these small telltale signs can lead to a huge loss financially as well as environmentally.

The average Oil Tank replacement can run up to as much as $2,500 and that does not take into affect any environmental cleanup that may be associated with the process. In some cases, a cleanup can cost even more than the actual value of the property.

Many Full-Service Fuel providers offer a “Tank Protection” or insurance type programs to offset or eliminate the cost of installing a new tank when the Oil Tank becomes unsound. Check with your Fuel provider to see if they offer this type of protection.