Home Heating Oil Delivery for Central MA Residents

Spadafore Oil & Energy has been supplying oil delivery to homes in Central Massachusetts since 1943—that’s nearly 70 years, and we’re just getting started! When we deliver your heating oil, you can rest easy knowing that we provide clean, pure heating oil in the area. With our own dedicated fleet of delivery drivers, you know that you can trust the quality and always expect safe and on-time fuel deliveries.

Place a Will-Call Heating Oil Order

To order heating oil from Spadafore Oil & Energy, all it takes is logging into your customer account. Our simple and secure online portal makes it easy and efficient for you to order heating oil, and for us to deliver it. Click the button below to order oil today; or, if you’d prefer to let us manage your heating oil supply, you can contact us to sign up for our no-cost automatic oil delivery program.


Spadafore Heating Oil Delivery Truck

Why Choose Home Heating Oil in Massachusetts?

Heating oil is one of the most trusted heating fuels in the Northeast, serving nearly 7 million homes in the region. As technology advances, heating oil is getting cleaner and greener through the addition of biodiesel, a renewable substance that burns cleanly in oil heating equipment. Plus, heating oil is a safe, nonexplosive fuel choice that you can feel great about using to heat your family’s home.

  • Heating systems with efficiencies up to 95%
  • Reduced sulfur content and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Nonexplosive, nontoxic, and safe for your family
  • Inside storage safe and encouraged
  • Affordable, reliable, local heating

Have questions about heating oil? Contact Spadafore Oil & Energy—we’d be happy to help!