Our Customizable Heating Oil Delivery Payment Plans

It’s our goal to make heating your home as simple and stress-free as possible for you—that’s one of the many reasons we offer customizable payment plans to help alleviate the brunt of the cost of winter fuels in Massachusetts. Signing up for one of the payment plans outlined below will give you peace of mind, more predictable bills, and reduced strain during the winter months. If you would like to sign up for a payment plan or ask a question, please get in touch with our customer service team.


Quick Payment Discount

Quick-Pay Discount

We offer a quick-pay discount of 10 cents per gallon for customers who pay their bills within 10 days of delivery. If your delivery exceeds 400 gallons, you may be able to save even more! You can order fuel and pay manually, but there’s also a lower-maintenance way to seamlessly enjoy this discount every time. Sign up for one of the convenient payment plans outlined below.

Heating Oil Payment Plan Option

EZ Pay Plan

We estimate your gallons over the course of the heating season and come up with a low monthly payment. Now instead of frequent bills during the winter months, you can budget consistently throughout the year. With economic pressures in mind, Spadafore Oil & Energy has designed the EZ Pay Program for those customers who prefer a stressless payment plan. Spadafore Oil & Energy can estimate your gallons over the course of the heating season and design a payment plan which can include your heating and air conditioning needs also.


Pre-Pay Heating Oil

Pre-Pay Program (Cap)

This program allows you to get your heating bills out of the way before winter even begins. By reserving and purchasing your fuel for the year ahead of time, you lock in the lowest price of the season and safeguard yourself and your family against rising fuel prices. The oil market can be extremely volatile, but the Pre-Pay Program helps you avoid price spikes that can happen during the cold season.