Automatic Delivery vs. Will Call Delivery

With so many choices of Home Heating Oil delivery how do you know which one is right for you?

Heating Oil Delivery is really is up to the individual and the way they budget their time and money.

Automatic Delivery vs. Will Call Delivery is a common question.

There are many ways of thinking on this topic. The benefit of automatic delivery gives one the freedom from checking your oil tank and worrying about when you will need oil again.
First, you need to understand how your oil deliveries get calculated. Oil companies will invest in software that will calculate what the next delivery date will be using “degree days”. Once the software is set (which will change per season) and the daily temperature is entered into the system, a customer’s “K-factor” is calculated.

This will change daily with the entry of the temperature and each re-calculation. Although not an exact science, an ideal delivery would be between 140 and 170 gallons. The huge benefit of being an automatic customer is if the system fails you, and you do run out of fuel, most oil companies including Spadafore Oil and Energy will dispatch a truck 24/7, they will fill the tank and prime the burner and assure you have heat back in your home at NO CHARGE other than the fuel. If you are not an automatic customer and find yourself in this situation, most companies will charge dispatch charges as well as prime fees. These can become very costly in the middle of the night.

Will Call customers like the availability to budget their money and schedule the deliveries when they are ready for them. Although some people feel this saves money, you will burn the same amount of fuel whether or not you are on automatic delivery or will call.